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Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 20:40:15 EDT
Subject: Re: achieving audio and visual fidelity

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<< If you are in "the know", about Zen as he has suggested that he
and S. Blackmore are, there is simply no way that they will ever see my
about the fundamental ontological validity of self - not just as a meme
self-plex, but as deeper template for behavior that emerges in many
social animals where imitation has not emerged like it has in humans. >>

Actually I don't want to make *too* many claims out of my league - I don't
really know whether other social animals have a functional analog to "self"
though I would suspect that they do - it would seem to me that any form of
social communication would require it. What I would really assert however,
is that self is more fundamental than memes - I don't think that there are
any accurate "anti-self" or "no-self" memes. IMO they are all delusional to
the extent that they suggest the ontological invalidity of self, though
perhaps functional within the framework of some religious meme-plexes.


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