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<< Thanks for keeping us updated on your reactions, Jake. Make sure you do
a substantial piece, reiterating all the main themes, when you finish
the book. I'm sure we'll all make time to read it.
Robin Faichney >>

Of course. As you can see though, I am impatient and off the cuff true to my
gadfly ways. If I am gonna be the philosophical irritant I hope to be, I
gotta shoot quickly - besides I think she indicated her closure on the
pheMotype/memotype issue by concluding that we should refer to Campbell's
rule and indicating that was more or less her conclusion - and I think that
was a wee mistake. If I prove wrong on that, I will be delighted to
graciously and publicaly revise my opinion on that - its a luxury that we
no-names have a lot of. And yes there WILL be a reiteration upon my
conclusion. I can imagine that you can barely wait. According to Mr. Lees,
everybody is just waiting to hear Jake's latest insight. I can't let my
public down! ;-)


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