Jackie Chan & Burt Reynolds

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At 11:55 AM 4/13/99 -0700, Tim Rhodes wrote:
>Bill Benzon wrote:
>>Over the last few years a number of US TV shows, mostly situation comedies,
>>have adopted a certain practice. At the end of the show, while they're
>>rolling the credits, we'll see snippits of shots from that day's show where
>>the actors messed up in some way.
>I hate to admit knowing this, but that practice goes back a couple decades,
>at least to the Burt Renald's "Smokie & the Bandit" movies. Although I have
>no idea when it made the transition to TV.

Hmmm.... I just saw Reynold's "Cannonball Run II" (miserable movie) from
the 70s and it used sound-track out-takes during the credit roll.
Interestingly enough, Jackie Chan was in the cast of this film. So perhaps
that's when the meme infected Chan.

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