Re: dueling ettiquette? or tea party manners?

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Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 15:01:38 EDT
Subject: Re: dueling ettiquette? or tea party manners?

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>>May I enquire what any of the above has to do with memetics ?
Or with memes, or with science ? Or anything relevant ?<<

Why did you respond if you didn't think it was relevant? But if you have
questions see my previous response.

>>It seems to me your over-inflated adolescent ego compels you to
spout ridiculous self-indulgent nonsense, as if all the world is just
waiting to hear Jake's latest ' profound insight '.<<

Well actually I spout self indulgent stuff with the expectation that others
will spout self indulgent stuff in return that will interest me. I have been
watching this happen here for a while. The result seems to be quite
interesting and educational. I have learned a lot from others, and perhaps
they have found something out from me. I personally am excited to watch the
self-indulgences of people like Richard Brodie, Aaron Lynch, Derek Gatherer,
William Benzon, and many other very thoughtful people who are all floundering
as best and as intelligently as they know how toward a science of memetics.
Does it bother you that this kind of self-indulgence can have such positive
effects. Do you honestly think that Susan Blackmore's publishing of a book
was free of self-indulgence. I personally suspect that it was full of
self-indulgence, despite her contradictory claims that there is no such thing
as a self to be indulged. I think that it never would have happened BUT FOR
her self indulgence.

>>Jeez. All I perceive from what you have written, is an infantile effort at
attention seeking<<

Actually attention seeking behavior is very much a part of healthy adult
behavior as well. If people didn't try to seek attention, humans would
probably have never accomplished much.

>>Jeez. All I perceive from what you have written, is an infantile effort at
attention seeking, which swings to paranoia about Dennet and Dawkins
being closet buddhists intent upon subverting world civilisation<<

I am surprised that you couldn't see the tongue-in-cheek humor, and the
ridicule of the "not only selfish, but autonomous memes" idea.

>>and now you are using this list as if it was some kind of personal diary.<<

Actually lots of other very thoughtful humans are using it as a personal
diary of sorts as well. I enjoy reading it a lot. They might get jealous if
they see you paying so much attention to little 'ole me, and so little to
their very profound insights.

>>Perhaps you should engage a therapist, and spare us your angelic

Why do I need a therapist, when I've got your attention? :-)

>>Maybe come back when you've grown up a little ?<<

I will probably do that too, but until then I will continue sticking around.


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