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Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 09:59:48 EDT
Subject: Re: selfishness, buddhism, and memetics

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<< So Dawkins is publically an atheist and privately a Buddhist! The plot
thickens. Who does he think he is anyway, Siddhartha?


Lloyd >>

Yes, I think those pesky zen buddhist memes have launched a potentially
successful conspiracy! They saw how successful the meme meme was doing, and
the potential understanding that memetics could provide for the purposes of
spreading far and wide. They forsaw the disillusion of Christians that will
happen once this millenial fever subsides and decided that NOW was the time
to strike! They picked three of their undercover vectors within the memetics
community to start the ball rolling (its easy to hide the "Buddhist" memes
under the camoflage of "atheism"), and viola! the plot is hatched. Soon all
of western civilization (except for a few holdouts) will be under the
dominion of Zen Buddhist memes! The Zenification of memetics will blossom
into the Zenification of all western civilization!

So get your popcorn and snacks and have a seat and watch while the Zen memes
work their magic!

-Jake (under a different screename)

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