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Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 10:11:52 EDT
Subject: Re: Extremism in memetics

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<< Yes, although remember Blackmore does actually _believe_ in
what she's saying, for her it is not some "trick" as you
say, to try to get more people to read the book (at least
consciously, anyway). >>

No, I don't attribute that kind of intention to her. I think she actually
believes what she is saying - and especially if she is somewhat accustomed
to, and comfortable with Buddhist thinking, I would imagine that these ideas
come very naturally to her. The EFFECT might be to be provocative to her
target audience. People still tend to be intrigued by Buddhism and its ideas
- to many people it has an exotic appeal. It isn't exotic to me, though - I
grew up around a lot of that kind of stuff. Sometimes I wonder if people
aren't drawn into it because it IS attention getting - and I mean this in
general life terms - it doesn't sound like Blackmore picked up Buddhism for
the purpose of this book.


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