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Tue, 13 Apr 1999 09:24:11 -0400

Subject: Re: Meme spotting
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 09:24:11 -0400
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>So I figure that the TV shoes got the idea from Chan.

Some film buff somewhere will know, but I don't think Chan started this.
I remember out-takes in the credit roll of 'Being There', but I don't
know if this was the first or even if it predated Chan.

At any rate, the full blown 'use' of this memetic device was, IMHO,
realized in Disney/Pixar's 'A Bug's Life', where endless manhours were
spent _making up_ the bloopers- and there have been two editions of
'out-takes' in the theatres, and a new set is being added to the video
release, due soon if not already in stores.

Not that I don't appreciate Chan, but I really do not think he started,
or even dramatically forwarded this device- I personally have never seen
his films, although I know they are popular, and starting to reach a
wider audience.

Wade T. Smith
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