Re: selfishness, buddhism, and memetics

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Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 13:44:07 EDT
Subject: Re: selfishness, buddhism, and memetics

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<< But there is a very real and basic
template of selfishness, an innately emerging pattern of thinking and
underlying both the realities and delusions that people may have about their
"selves". >>

To make this furthermore clear, I do not think that we are born "tabula rasa"
awaiting to be infected by the respective memes which will determine if we
have a "self" or if we will have "no self". I think that the self is an
innate stance that we take toward the world both in our behavior and in our
communication - and it wouldn't surprise me if other animals may reflect that
as well. I don't think that it is necessarily a strictly human or humanizing
thing. Memes that correspond to that reality will tend to have that
advantage over ones that deny it, though the competition is not a total loss
for the self-denying memes as the existence of Zen Buddhism and other
religious imperatives toward, self-obliterating, self-denying or
self-sacrificing have demonstrated.


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