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Sat, 10 Apr 1999 17:16:25 EDT

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Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 17:16:25 EDT
Subject: Re: "scientism"

In a message dated 4/9/99 7:47:16 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

>>> This wasn't in the previous EM. Go back and read it. It simply isn't
> there. It must be convenient to make it up as you go along.

Everyone on this planet is making it up as they go along.
I assumed you'd do a web search, but, pardonnez-moi, I just
did, and it seems to have gone, so here's the gist from another

I wonder what your "pardonnez-moi" was for.

Was it for this?

In a message dated 4/9/99 2:15:34 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

>>I think the mistake was mine, in that I made the error of attributing an
intelligence and ability to you which you do not possess.<<

or maybe it was for this . . .

>>Well this just sums you up doesn't it Jake, both the quality of your mind
your outlook on life and the world. You are so stuffed up with your own
vanity and prejudice that you can't even do a simple appraisal of scientific
papers. <<

. . . or this?

>>I don't think you are a stickler for anything. You're a sloppy mind spouting
sloppy nonsense.<<

. . . and then there is this ? . . .

>>No, the reason is more likely to be the kind of ignorance and stereotyping
which your statements exemplify.<<

... . . or this . . .

>>You sneer at me, you sneer at S. Blackmore and her friends, you sneer at the
editorial board of Physics Essays, and the scientists who conducted the
experiment, and all you offer are these rude and feeble ramblings to justify
yourself ? You are lacking integrity and courtesy. Is this really the best
have to offer this list Jake ?<<

... . . or this . . .

>>Judging on your record over the past week I doubt your ability to
make any kind of valid judgement on anything whatsoever, Jake. <<

I don't know. It is so unclear. If you are going to ask for somebody's
pardon, however trivial, perhaps you should be a little more specific next
time, especially when there are so many possibilities, . . . or perhaps
maybe not mention it at all.


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