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Chris Lees (
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 21:50:16 +0100

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 21:50:16 +0100
From: Chris Lees <>
Subject: Re: "scientism"

Bill wrote:

> Chris, While I think Jake is needlessly abrasive, I tend to agree with his
> assessement of this paper, at least as you have presented it. I haven't
> read the paper in full. I know only what you originally posted to this
> list and what you've said above. That doesn't tell me enough to make any
> judgement about whether the results mean much of anything.
> It is generally impossible to find the "signature" of a specific stimulus
> in EEG patterns. Without a fairly detailed characterization of the EEG
> patterns that are being correlated it is impossible for me to make any
> judgement about whether or not that correlation indicates generally similar
> states of mind (e.g. high alpha output) or something very much more
> specific.

Here is the URL for the journal which featured the original paper.
I still can't seem to get at the actual archive copy via that route.

Here is the site with a commentary, including images of the evoked

And here is another commentary by Sarfatti.


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