Re: The Meme Machine

Chris Lees (
Fri, 09 Apr 1999 18:45:56 +0100

Date: Fri, 09 Apr 1999 18:45:56 +0100
From: Chris Lees <>
Subject: Re: The Meme Machine

Robin wrote:

> It could be useful to categorise all these meditative and
> sports techniques as the short and/or long-term purging of
> memes to free resources for other purposes. This seems
> different in principle from the competition between
> incompatible memes, even though the purging concept is a
> meme and therefore such competition must play a part in
> any discussion of it or even thinking about it.
> BTW, Chris, if you're listening, a cite for Gabora would
> be nice.

I've read Herrigel, of course, and have 'The inner game of
kayaking'. Some people dismiss Herrigel because he was
a Nazi. Suzuki is also suspect, as a supporter of the Jap
Imperialist regime during WWII.
I've never bothered to investigate the truth or otherwise
of those allegations, because I don't follow their particular
brand of zen.

If your "purging concept" = Blackmore's "meme-eating meme",
then I am in agreement with you.

Liane's older paper, where she mentions the linkage to
meditation, is here

Her newer version is also on the web, but I don't have the URL
handy on this computer. If I come across it, I'll post it later.
She develops her ideas in many directions, and I'm personally
very impressed by her thinking, but I don't think she has (yet?)
extended the range of that specific reference to meditation.


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