Re: A more "sciency"-sounding mysticism.

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Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 19:44:52 EDT
Subject: Re: A more "sciency"-sounding mysticism.

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<< I think I understand. For example, if religionists re-define the word
"theory" to simply mean "idea" then all scientific theories are thereby
trivialized. This allows for easier propogation of religious memes that are
challenged by the theories in question. In the same way, if we choose to
define the concept of self in a way that implies complete
self-determination, and then if we declare that the strawman so created is
just an illusion, then we have, in advance, inoculated a given population
against those who might use the concept of self to study some form of
intentionality. Now, I may be off-base on this but this is the meaning I
have created from the tokens Jake sent out to all of us. >>

I don't think I could have explained this as well as you did, but I wish that
I could have, because that's essentially my position. I just think I would
have started a flamefest if I had said it myself, so in the interest of
keeping this good natured I didn't say too much. Thanks.


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