Re: A more "sciency"-sounding mysticism.

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Thu, 1 Apr 1999 08:50:13 EST

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Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 08:50:13 EST
Subject: Re: A more "sciency"-sounding mysticism.

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>> Didn't you once have a memetic revelation of the existence of God and such?

God does exist - it is a pattern of highly anthropomorphic visualization -
engaging in such visualizations can have adaptive emotional advantages for
some people as irrational as it may be.

>>I think the others are asking you to make scientific predictions instead of
revelations or mystical predictions.<<

I don't think that he did make any predictions. I think that he was only
describing his own mental processes. The only prediction he made is what HE
would do if some concept failed to be useful in making predictions. That is a
pretty safe and unmystical prediction.

>>I would give up on it if I couldn't see any way to use the concept to make
> useful predictions.


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