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Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999 22:27:17 +1100

Hi Mark..

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>>>How do you think the 'personal holographic film' evolved?
>>Fundamentalist processes are archetypal and so asexual or androgynous.
>Let me rephrase the question. What selective advantage allowed the
>'personal holographic film' to evolve? Associated with this question is,
>'what source did the personal holographic film evolve from'?

seeing variations on a theme rather than the 'one' theme. Archetypal
processing is very single context. IT is based on oppositions, light vs
dark. these are enternal and so the 'same' theme, the same cast in every
battle and the war is eternal.

Now see the male and female as cooperative and so variations on a theme.
more 'human'. advantageous wouldnt you say?



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