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Subject: Re: information transmission
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 99 10:36:57 -0600
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>Try this:
>(1) all information is reducable to distinctions at the neurological level
>of objects and relationships.


>(2) these distinctions are pre-coded and associated with patterns of


>(3) this general 'pool' of emotion is in all members of the species and it
>has a structure that is the template for all metaphors.


>(4) communication is through the process of resonance, particularised
>through the use of metaphor/symbolisms that help to differentiate one
>'object' from another.

? I have a hard time with this. Maybe it is more of a leap than I can

>(6) refining (1), so the neurons are the warp and
>neurotransmitters/neuromodulators the left. The resulting patterns are
>'memes' that can become entangled with each other and elicit a sense of
>'meaning'. (note that the method of decription here is already
>object/relationship biased).


>(7) the development process follows complexity guidelines and so allows for
>emergence as a consequence of excessive feedback.


>(8) Further refining (1), objects can be seen as either wholes or parts
>where parts are wholes in their own right but we need to change focus/scale
>to see them as such.
>(9) Relationships are seen as either static or dynamic. This gives us four
>fundamental categorisations:



>(19) It all comes down to (a) Object/Relationship distinctions (b)
>dichotomisations (c) metaphorcation, the mind makes a reality image to work
>with just as the brain has a body image to work with....


Check out

This is an article in Electrical Engineering Times regarding a program
some folks in California wrote to 'construct' meaning insights from a
quad system much like you propose. I own the program discussed in the
article and find it very useful. Let me know if the article makes sense
to you.


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