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Tue, 16 Mar 1999 08:53:30 +0100

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 08:53:30 +0100
From: "Gatherer, D. (Derek)" <>
Subject: RE: memetics-digest V1 #173
To: "''" <>

> >Poor Doug Hofstadter.
> >Misunderstood by millions
> >Of adoring fans.
> >
> >Dear Richard,
> >
> >If you want this to be a haiku, "millions" has to have two
> >syllables, and I reckon it's inescapably a three-syllable
> >job (in English or American). Now, who said pedantism is a
> >bad thing on this list? Oh, it was me.
>It's only two syllables: mil + yens

I agree, but pronounced mul-yuns in a Glaswegian accent, and
while we're on the subject of Hofstadter he does advocate Zen, if by
advocate one means recommend as a good idea for, in this particular
instance, approaching the issue of paradox. And why not???

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