RE: Talking amongst ourselves, and looking for fresh blood.

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Subject: RE: Talking amongst ourselves, and looking for fresh blood.
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999 04:39:16 +0200
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>Derek, I think you are keen to point out some of the current weaknesses in
>memetic thinking. I think that the solution is to look beyond the familiar
>faces who have developed the biological metaphor so well, and to look for
>cultural scholars who have yet to weigh in on the subject, and who
>have a good understanding evolutionary thinking. In short the subject
>fresh blood. I think Gary Taylor's book is excellent in this regard. I
>be interested if anyone else has discovered good "outsiders" to the current
>thinking circle who could provide as good a point of view as he does.

Having watched Derek throw himself out of the cot, rather than a few toys in
need of replacement anyway, I think this response is great, and very
thought-provoking. Nothing like a happy ending.

Once I've checked out your book references (thanks .. nothing like something
new to check out) I'll get back to this list with some possible "good
outsiders", as I have a few ideas in that reagrd, and will work on finding
some "excellent outsiders".

At least for now I'll stick to the occasional humour bomb, have been
thinking of some AOL-Netscape stories. IMO it's quite funny to see them
getting all in-bred .. kind of like Naked Gun 33 1/3 .. need to use other
people's ideas to keep getting seen. I'll try give it an evolutionary pitch,
rather than a business concspiracy, so if anyone can point me in the
direction of some good stuff on inbreeding with an evolutionary pitch (I've
read most of the stuff about prions and so-called mad-tucows and now
understand why people believe weird things) I'd be most grateful.

Just sending the URLs are great .. I plug them into this researcher's heaven
software called "The Brain" [I have no stake in that] that you can get at .. in fact I'd recommend that if everyone likes it,
that the group set up a "community". I've signed up as a beta tester for
their server software, need to do something constructive with it and reckon
Natrificial (the developers) would they'd fall all over themselves to assist
in the "cutting edge of science".

Thanks again for a throught provoking and exmplary conflcit resolving

[Durban, South Africa]

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