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David Hales (daphal@essex.ac.uk)
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 09:25:05 +0000

Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 09:25:05 +0000
From: David Hales <daphal@essex.ac.uk>
To: memetics@mmu.ac.uk
Subject: [Fwd: Group Selection - Amish]

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From: David Hales <daphal@essex.ac.uk>
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To: memetics@mmu.ac.uk
Subject: Group Selection - Amish
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Hi All,

I notice a little discussion on group selection touching on the Amish
system and origins. The following is an very good introduction to
history, origins and the (then - 1963) character of Amish society.

All the way from the Swiss/Dutch Anabaptist/Mennonites to modern
American groupings.

Hostetler, John Andrew, 1918-
Amish society
Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press [1963]

I've spent a bit of time thinking about "cultural group selection" and
not getting far... For what it's worth my lame (i.e. don't flame me if
you get upset) attempts to address it in a very abstract way can be
found in:-

Hales, D. (1998a), Selfish Memes and Selfless Agents - Altruism in the
Swap Shop. In the
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Multi-Agent Systems
Computer Society, California.

Hales, D. (1998b), Stereotyping, Groups and Cultural Evolution. In
Sichman, J., Conte,
R., & Gilbert, N. (Eds.) Multi-Agent Systems and Agent-Based Simulation
Lecture Notes
in Artificial Intelligence, volume 1534, Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

The text of both can be found on my home-page (given below).

Keep up the good work memonaughts...


David Hales (Rm 3.411)     email: daphal@essex.ac.uk
Dept. of Computer Science  tel: 01206-872136  fax: 01206-872788
University of Essex, UK    http://cswww.essex.ac.uk/projects/res/daphal


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