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>The reason I am a little (to put it mildly) surprised is that Wilson's
>sociobiology is a good deal softer than, for instance, that of Richard
>Alexander, and there is a good deal of room in it for cultural
>information. After all he did coin the phrase 'gene-culture leash
>theory'. I don't see any problem with sociobiology and memetics meeting
>in the middle along these lines (although of course I would incline
>towards culture being largely gene-independent).

>Hope you can amplify this interesting thread,

Do we not have a confusion over Wislons here - genetic leash E.O Wilson
(Consilience/Sociobiology) and D.S. Wilson (group Selectionism - Unto

Whilst D.S. Wilson's sociobiology may be softer than Alexander - I do not
think this is necessarily the case for E.O. Wilson. What I get out of
Alexander is the genetic equivalent to the memetic stance - he wants to
interpret non-rational human behaviour not from folk psychology but from an
inclusive evolutionary fitness heuristic. I, of course, like this very much
and think it is useful.

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