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Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 11:17:42 -0000
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>Yes, I can see that artistic isms are enabling structures. - but I was
>considering more the 'creative process': - the compulsion to create /
>construct / re-construct in this manner: How does this phenomena translate
>into a memetic model? and why is it, say, different to the scientist's
>drive to reconstruct and create in the manner of something like cloning?


At this level, the drives / motivations / compulsions of the individual I am
not nearly familiar enough with the nature / nurture debate to argue for
genetics or memetics. Maybe our psychologist colleagues can help.

I do recall a commentary which is, I think in an earlier issue of the journal,
on the evidence for correlations between creative genius and what we tend to
term mental illness. I tend towards seeing this as part of the general
stabilising action of social memes. Break the current ism and you risk



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