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Yes, I can see that artistic isms are enabling structures. - but I was
considering more the 'creative process': - the compulsion to create /
construct / re-construct in this manner: How does this phenomena translate
into a memetic model? and why is it, say, different to the scientist's
drive to reconstruct and create in the manner of something like cloning?


>Joe you ask
>>how would one define 'Art' in memetic terms?
>I have no problem conceiving of cubism, impressionism, pre-raphaelism, iambic
>pentameters, sonnets, etc etc as different clades of memes. Each supports a
>form of virtual organisation, a community of practioners / admirers /
>imitators; one which enables but also limits its membership.
>>could anyone propose good examples of memetic 'intervention' / memetic
>1. Between late 91 and early 1993 BP, in the North Sea, discovered a way to
>make ca $1billion a year difference in operating costs and ca. $1billion
>increase in the net present value of known oil discoveries largely by
>challenging the language in which implicit and widely shared assumptions,
>underlying decisons and action, was based. The new pattern thus generated has
>now captured a wider share of its memetic space by infecting the rest of the
>2. The advertising industry.
>Both examples can be found in Shifting the Patterns.
>If Price

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