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Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999 15:33:58 -0000
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Joe you ask

>how would one define 'Art' in memetic terms?

I have no problem conceiving of cubism, impressionism, pre-raphaelism, iambic
pentameters, sonnets, etc etc as different clades of memes. Each supports a
form of virtual organisation, a community of practioners / admirers /
imitators; one which enables but also limits its membership.

>could anyone propose good examples of memetic 'intervention' / memetic

1. Between late 91 and early 1993 BP, in the North Sea, discovered a way to
make ca $1billion a year difference in operating costs and ca. $1billion
increase in the net present value of known oil discoveries largely by
challenging the language in which implicit and widely shared assumptions,
underlying decisons and action, was based. The new pattern thus generated has
now captured a wider share of its memetic space by infecting the rest of the

2. The advertising industry.

Both examples can be found in Shifting the Patterns.

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