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> So, I think that there is a sense in which a type is low fidelity but
> transmitted without a replicator, and that this is still within the
> evolutionary paradigm, so construed. I also think that there is an
> operational issue: we can best investigate the high fidelity replicators,
> and that is where we should start, as I argue in my forthcoming JoM-EMIT
> reply to Gatherer.

transmitted without a replicator? Do you mean that there is no geno-pheno distinction, or something else?
Buty you are right that *I adhere to the Hull school of what
evolutionary means.

In my thoughts i see memetics as a mix of systems where there
are evolutionary feed-back loops (learning and evolutionary
selection leading to adaptation) and transmission where there is
just spread, and perhaps struggle for survival without adaptations.


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