memes and thing- evolutionary?

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Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 13:17:55 +0100
Subject: memes and thing- evolutionary?
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> >
> > > 1. The meme is not a thing, it is a relationship of similarity between
> > > a number of things. It is, in other words a statistical concept which
> > > classifies behaviour, artefacts or events in terms of their recurrence
> > > (their familiarity). This is the only way we can identify it or even
> > > speak of it.
> >
> > In my book a meme is not just similar, but also a unit of heridity. If
> > this is not so, I do not call it a meme. Just my thoughts, but important
> > I think, if you want to stay in the evolutionary paradigm
> I think there may be some misunderstanding here. My approach to memetic
> definitions and processes is entirely based on the evolutionary paradigm.
> In point 4 of my previous post I say:

I can see that you are indeed whithin the evolutionary paradigm. I
just don't like the "definition"of meme in the first point. A meme is
not a statistical thing. Perhaps I misunderstand you. But your point
one says that a meme can only be identified by looking at
familiarity in a statistical way. Perhaps you mean this differently,
but litterly it sais that memes that look like eachother are identical.
I am sure you do not mean htis, but it looks like this is what it
sais. Otherwise I don't understand point 1.



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