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Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 15:28:21 -0600
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At 09:55 AM 1/21/99 -0800, Tim Rhodes wrote:
>Aaron Lynch wrote:
>>Although I did not sign onto the memetics list to recount my media
>>engagements, I have been asked to give continued updates on my radio and TV
>>appearances to the memetics list. So I started giving notices back in June
>>of 1997 under the thread "THOUGHT CONTAGION Radio & TV." Yet shortly after
>>that advance announcement, someone who was then calling himself my "friend"
>>contacted the producer and persuaded him to cancel my appearance and
>>consider putting himself on instead. After evaluating the ideas offered by
>>the two possible guests, the producer changed back to plan A and
>>rescheduled my interview with Michelle Norris and Anderson Cooper a few
>>weeks later. That experience shifted me back to reluctance about
>>announcing details of my media schedule, which is currently running at
>>several interviews per week. I know the lack of postings can leave my
>>colleagues unaware of how widely thought contagion memetics is spreading in
>>the US, but sometimes good fences really do make good neighbors.
>But if we don't know when you're on, Aaron, how can can the popularity
>contest between you and Brodie be carried out fairly? After all, the very
>future of memetics hangs in the balance!
>-Tim Rhodes

The trouble is, if I tell you when I am going to be on, you still won't
know; for then I am apt to be rescheduled! :-))

--Aaron Lynch

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