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Way back at 08:32 PM 7/13/97 -0500, Aaron Lynch wrote:
>For anyone who tuned in to ABC News expecting to see me talk about memetics
>on June 18, I offer my apologies. The broadcast was rescheduled, and took
>place on July 2. Anderson Cooper and Michelle Norris interviewed me for 6
>minutes on hell memes, doomsday beliefs, anti-abortionism, and the Nazi
>movement--all subjects covered in THOUGHT CONTAGION.

Although I did not sign onto the memetics list to recount my media
engagements, I have been asked to give continued updates on my radio and TV
appearances to the memetics list. So I started giving notices back in June
of 1997 under the thread "THOUGHT CONTAGION Radio & TV." Yet shortly after
that advance announcement, someone who was then calling himself my "friend"
contacted the producer and persuaded him to cancel my appearance and
consider putting himself on instead. After evaluating the ideas offered by
the two possible guests, the producer changed back to plan A and
rescheduled my interview with Michelle Norris and Anderson Cooper a few
weeks later. That experience shifted me back to reluctance about
announcing details of my media schedule, which is currently running at
several interviews per week. I know the lack of postings can leave my
colleagues unaware of how widely thought contagion memetics is spreading in
the US, but sometimes good fences really do make good neighbors.

--Aaron Lynch

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