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Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 16:03:56 -0800
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It's not that reductionism is WRONG, it's just that it's not always USEFUL.
Emergent systems become largely independent of the substrate from which they
emerge. I am excited by the interaction of the "software" of the mind --
memes -- with the "hardware" layer that is being called evolutionary
psychology. I see that all kinds of really interesting predictions can be
made from just that model, with no understanding whatsoever of how ideas are
stored neurologically. Now that in itself is a fascinating field, but not
necessary for working in memetics any more than an understanding of chip
electronics is necessary for designing a web page.

Wade Smith wrote:

>From one layman to another- sounds like the main point of 'Consilience',
>by E. O. Wilson. Not that such an approach ain't without its, um,
>naysayers... the usual poo-poo stridently denounces the specter of
>reductionism espoused....

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