Spring 1999 Genetics Conference & evolutionary theories of

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Subject: Spring 1999 Genetics Conference & evolutionary theories of

They would also be interested in submissions on <...> evolutionary
epistemology and evolutionary theories of culture...


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>Subject: ANNC: Spring 1999 Genetics Conference
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>The Philosophy Graduates' Association of the University of Texas at
>Austin is pleased to announce its upcoming conference, "Evolution,
>Genetics, and Culture" (April 23-24, 1999). This conference will round
>out an especially active year for UT's History and Philosophy of Science
>Program, now under the direction of Professor Sahotra Sarkar. In
>addition to the keynote address, "Angels and Monsters: Genomic
>Confections," by the University of Pennsylvania's Professor M. Susan
>Lindee, we hope to organize a panel discussion on the second day of the
>conference on the aims and status of current evolutionary psychology.
>This panel would feature faculty from UT's Program in the History and
>Philosophy of Science, including the Department of Psychology.
>Details of the conference are included below, with the deadline and
>address for all graduate students interested in submitting papers or
>proposals (Feruary 15th). Please consider attending, and do feel free to
>pass this information along to anyone you think might be interested in
>attending or submitting work!
>Jessica N. Berry
>Co-Chair, Philosophy Graduates' Association
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> The University of Texas at Austin
> Department of Philosophy
> Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> ***April 23-24, 1999***
> Graduate students are invited to submit papers and panel
>proposals on philosophical issues related to genetics and evolution.
>Questions of interest include the following: Does evolution occur
>primarily through natural selection or random drift? If selection is
>primary, what are the units of selection? What is the relationship
>between genes and human behavior? What is the role of natural selection
>in the formation of human cultures?
> We would also be interested in submissions on reductionism and
>non-reductionism in biology, issues of gender and biological
>essentialism, evolutionary naturalism, sociobiology, the social and
>philosophical ramifications of the human genome project, evolutionary
>epistemology and evolutionary theories of culture, as well as the
>structure and justification of evolutionary theories in general.
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> "Angels and Monsters: Genomic Confections"
> Professor M. Susan Lindee
> University of Pennsylvania Program in the
> History and Sociology of Science
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
>We welcome submissions from graduate students in Philosophy and other
>fields. Papers should be approximately 20 minutes in reading length
>(3000 words). All submitted papers will be read and considered. Please
>send three copies of panel proposals or completed papers prepared for
>blind review by FEBRUARY 15th, 1999 to:
>Graduate Conference
>Department of Philosophy
>University of Texas
>Austin, TX 78712
>(512) 475-9193

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