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Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 09:35:07 -0800
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Paul wrote:

<<Speed seduction and NLP, (which I guess this convincing people in 15
business is a derivative) are hyped commercial spins based on a few
principles of the social psychology of influence - for real science and
evidence without the hype or spin check out one of the best sites on the

It's a good site. Speed Seduction and NLP are as you describe; NLP in
particular suffers from a number of maladies. Its focus on "submodalities"
has always left me cold. I didn't find any "real science" on the site
though, just the same kind of conclusions drawn from studies that NLP
claims. Maybe these are better ones. Some of them are the same.

Speed Seduction I have studied quite extensively. My conclusion is that it
works better than anything else I have seen. It's main strengths, in my
opinion, are (1) the modeling of effective attitudes and behaviors practiced
by successful seducers and (2) the clever use of language patterns to bypass
"BS detectors" and create emotional states ranging from curiosity to safety
to physical arousal in the target.

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