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Date: Thu, 07 Jan 1999 18:50:43 -0600
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At 01:45 PM 1/7/99 +0100, wrote:
>Dear all,
>Best wishes for 1999.
>I received this mail:
> from "TGD Ltd" <>
>If our bandwidth is exhausted, please save this mail, service will
>Polite notice about email:
>The best thing for you to do to receive no more from us is to reply
>REMOVE in the subject line.
>That's all you have to do - and delete this message. No need to flame
>complain - we are responsible people and when asked politely we will
>in a professional manner.
>Visiting the site, one reads:
>The Secret of Making People
> Fall in Love With You
>Congratulations on your enquiry!
> Announcing a little known discovery that has been distilled into
>a proven and
> easy to use system that can easily make people fall in love
>with you.
>Make Anyone Like You, Appreciate and Love You In 30 Seconds or
> Less!
>Etcetera, etcetera.
>It is about a report one has to read and then perform according to it,
>to make all ones' messages immediately accepted (and much more). Can
>anyone tell me more about this? I recall some messages from Aaron Lynch
>about similar announcements or practices.

Dear Mario,

If I were an expert in winning appreciation and love in 30 seconds, then I
would have already used the recipe on Derek. :-)

There was, however, a discussion in September about "speed seduction," and
Tim Perper and I alluded to similar products that have existed down through
the generations.

--Aaron Lynch

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