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Date: Mon, 21 Dec 1998 08:19:11 PST

Hi I have just joined the list and thought it only polite to
introduce myself.

I'm a mature student on an access course hoping to study psych next
year. I got interested in Memetics through Hofstader.

I realise you are largely specialist's so I'll try not to interrupt with
questions I can find the answers to elsewhere.

Having said that...
I haven't seen anything on logical consistency within a meme complex
To what degree is it necessary?
Would somebody reacting aggressively to logical errors in their beliefs
be construed as the defensive reaction of memes?

Oh I might be away over Xmas so It may be a little while before you hear
from me again.

-Paul Skowron.

"Nothing is True
Not even that
Everything is permitted
Including restriction"

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