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Wed, 25 Nov 1998 09:48:27 -0600

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Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 09:48:27 -0600
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Subject: Re: THOUGHT CONTAGION in paperback (was digest #108)
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At 09:27 AM 11/25/98 -0600, Lawrence D. Rupp wrote:

>Can you give us ISBN and price for the PB edition?

Hi Larry.

Yes, the ISBN is 0465084672, and the list price is US $15. Online
bookstores will sell the paperback Thought Contagion for $12. The official
release of the paperback is actually December, 1998. However, I found that
copies had already arrived at Borders Books in Evanston, IL a few days ago.


>>The paperback edition of my memetics book _Thought Contagion_ has started
>>arriving in American bookstores after a delay caused by the re-structuring
>>of Basic Books.
>>In the new preface, I comment on the significance of thought contagion
>>"Thought contagion theory relates directly and personally to everyone’s
>>lives; it is anything but a realm of dry conjecture. ... Its practical
>>implications extend to violence, racism, neo-fascism, religious strife,
>>overpopulation, street gangs, financial markets, Y2K myths, apocalyptic
>>religion, child raising, abortion clashes, sexual politics, gay bashing,
>>war, terrorism, AIDS, drug policy, and many other areas...." I will be
>>further discussing practical implications of memetics in a nationwide
>>series of radio interviews, starting with the Boston program "Business
>>Power Lunch" on December 15 at noon (WADN-AM 1120). I will not announce
>>each booking on the memetics list, but will add them to my web page.
>>The preface also comments on objections that "memetics is just a metaphor":
>>"...Charles Darwin used a metaphor to apply the cultural concept of
>>'inheritance' to biological evolution in The Origin of Species. Today, we
>>hardly remember that the word heredity is based on that old cultural
>>metaphor. In a sense, biological science is just returning an old favor..."
>>My thanks to all of you who bought the hardcover of Thought Contagion and
>>helped put it on the _New Scientist_ best seller list!
>>--Aaron Lynch

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