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> 'Philosophical Issues in Evolutionary Theory',
> a one-day Graduate Conference on the Philosophy of Mind, World and
> Knowledge, hosted by the Department of Philosophy at the University of
> Reading, will take place on Saturday, 6th March 1999.
> Professor Henry Plotkin, of University College London, will be the
> guest
> speaker, and will give a paper entitled 'The significance of
> evolutionary
> theory for understanding human intelligence and culture'.
> Interested graduate students are invited to submit papers, which will
> be
> assessed by members of Readings Department of Philosophy. (Abstracts
> will
> not be sufficient.) Papers should not take more than 20-25 minutes to
> read
> aloud, and should therefore be no longer than eight double-spaced
> pages.
> (Papers longer than this may be returned unread). They should be sent
> to:
> Postgraduate Conference, Department of Philosophy, University of
> Reading,
> Reading RG6 2AA, to arrive by Monday February 8th. In previous years,
> the
> best paper from the conference has been considered, and sometimes
> accepted, for publication in _Ratio_. The same will apply for this
> coming
> year's conference.
> Those who wish to attend, but not to submit papers, should notify Mrs.
> Jean Britland, Graduate Secretary, at the above address by 4th March;
> or
> phone 0118 9318325, fax 0118 9328295 or e-mail
> j.a.britland@reading.ac.uk.
> There is no registration fee for the conference but there will be a
> charge
> of five pounds for lunch and refreshments during the day. Cheques for
> this amount, made out to The University of Reading, should reach the
> Department before the day of the conference.
> We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the Analysis Committee,
> which
> has provided funds to cover 50% of the travel expenses of those whose
> papers are accepted.
> Department of Philosophy
> University of Reading

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