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Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 02:28:40 -0600
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At 07:21 AM 22/11/98 +0800, peter j bolton wrote:
>i can accept the meme approach and support any/all research into same,
>imitation can explain the mainstream thought process in theory but what of
>the adnornal, the different mind, the thinking mind; the driving substance
>of those few individuals that have contributed to change the direction of
>man's evolution;

I would think that the original ideas of those individuals would be the
analog of mutations in the physical realm. Whether these mutant memes
successfully replicate would depend on numerous environmental factors not
necessarily connected with any intrinsic worth on their part. On a broader
front, I would hypothesize that there are numerous individuals who are not
controlled by their meme-systems but hold all such systems as tentative
allowing for the assimilation of new ideas. Being a lay person new to this
field I am aware of no studies that would tend to support or refute this


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