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Subject: (Fwd) CFP: ISHPSSB 1999

maybe of interest to some of us,


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Dear Editor,

Could you please post the following Call For Papers on Darwin-L?

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Michael Dietrich



International Society for History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology, 1999 Meeting
Wednesday July 7 - Sunday July 11 (subject to confirmation), Oaxaca, Mexico

The ISHPSSB program committee welcomes proposals for individual papers and sessions on topics related to all facets of the history, philosophy, and social studies of biology.

Forms for submitting proposals are available on the World Wide Web at http://www.phil.vt.edu/ishpssb/submissions/program.html
Forms will also be included in the ISHPSSB Fall Newsletter and are available from Michael Dietrich at the address below.

While participants are strongly encouraged to submit proposals for Panels, Roundtables, Discussion Sessions or innovative and experimental sessions, individual papers are welcome as well. All Proposals must include an or
ganizer and his or her address, including an email address (if they have one).

There will be some travel funds available to support graduate students presenting papers at the conference. For further information about available funding, please contact David Magnus at magnus@mail.med.upenn.edu or Gra
duate Studies Director, Center for Bioethics, 3401 Market St., University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104. FAX: (215) 573-4931.

The International Society for History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB) brings
together scholars from diverse disciplines, including the life sciences as well as history, philosophy,
and social studies of science. ISHPSSB summer meetings are known for innovative, transdisciplinary

sessions, and for fostering informal, co-operative exchanges and on-going collaborations.

For further information consult the ISHPSSB webpages at http://www.phil.vt.edu/ishpssb/
Contact Michael Dietrich
Department of Biology
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755
(603) 646-1171
FAX (603) 646-1347

Theories come and go, the frog stays [F. Jacob]
Hans-Cees Speel
Managing Editor "Journal of Memetics Evolutionary Models of Information Transmission"

submit papers to JOM-EMIT@sepa.tudelft.nl

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|Technical University Delft, Jaffalaan 5 2600 GA Delft PO Box 5015 The Netherlands
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