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Sun, 27 Sep 1998 11:32:15 -0400 (EDT)

Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 11:32:15 -0400 (EDT)
From: Leo Elliott <>
Subject: RE: Hosts vs. Instances
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On Sun, 27 Sep 1998, Richard Brodie wrote:

> Bruce Howlett wrote:
> <<The problem with Richard and Aaron is that they fail to recognise that
> they are prejudiced, and continue to use their considerable intelligence to
> defend a particular stance they perceive to be the only right one. >>
> I, and I'm sure Aaron, stand chastised and humbled. Once again, you've put
> your finger on the crux of the situation. You know, this one statement may
> be the key to moving this whole debate forward. It got me to thinking and I
> must say I think you're right. Here are some quotes I dug up to support your
> statement::
> "There are no whole truths, only half-truths. It's trying to treat them as
> whole truths that plays the devil."--Alfred North Whitehead

p, 23, _Virus of the Mind_.

> "Labeling a meme 'true' lodges it in your programming and eliminates your
> conscious ability to choose your own memes. ... If you realize there are
> only half-truths -- that the truth of any meme depends upon the context in
> which it exists -- you have a powerful weapon against the programming of
> mind viruses."

p. 52, _Virus of the Mind_, Richard Brodie, Integral Press, Seattle

> "...'the truth' is always based on some set of assumptions -- memes. Until
> you have really mapped out your memetic programming, you're not aware that
> you even have these underlying memes making certain things look true. In my
> experience, the more you understand your own memetic programming, the less
> anything in life looks like the Absolute Truth."

ibid. p. 216.

> "...memetics is a scientific model. It's one way of looking at things. It's
> looking at ideas -- memes -- as distinct entities in competition for a share
> of your mind and a share of everyone else's. ... I'm NOT saying this is the
> Truth. I'm NOT saying this is what Really Happens. I'm NOT saying this is
> the Only Way or the Right Way to look at the mind."

ibid. p. 33.

> [A free autographed first edition of my first book "Getting Past OK" to the
> first person on this list who posts a correct identification of the source
> of those quotes.]
> All the best memes,
> Richard
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