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> OK. We are having a constructive discussion this way, after some
> misunderstandings. The 'including verbal behaviour' is certainly a good link
> between the different approaches, since it states that we can ask questions.Can
> we agree that these questions can address attitudes towards statements and that
> these questions can be used to study which statements are within a person's
> 'mental library'?

This refers to what I learned from Derek's paper. All that are
involved in applied memetics, are actually studying behavior or
proof of behavior. I study decision processes, and in fact I study
the policy plans and the things people say to me in interviews. The
only thing that does worry me is that Derek seems to deny (and I
am sure he will correct me if needed) a place for thoughts in formal
theory. We can infer that for someone to state his opinion, he has
judged it. And if his opinion and arguments for it arejust like the
ones I heard on tv yesterday, I think he copied them somehow.

It seems to me that we need the link that takes place in the brain
for our theories. To deny the search for these links as useless, and
all definitions of memes in its terms as useless or negative goes
too far for me. There is some reality check in our own experience
to this, althuogh of course we must nbe careful because
experience is also formed by memes.

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