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Thu, 17 Sep 1998 01:02:28 -0700

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Subject: Re: The race is on
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 01:02:28 -0700

Aaron Lynch wrote:

>You are one of the partisans in this dispute, not a neutral arbitrator.

I have never made such a claim. Please do not misrepresent me, Aaron, it
is, as you have pointed out, bad form and childish.

>This is not a clash between theorists and experimentalists.

Perhaps I am wrong in perceiving that this debate has, in part, been born
out of the fact that current work in memetics fails to bridge the gap
between theory and experiment. (As pointed out by Edmonds "On Modelling in
Memetics" ) As I
see it, if any one set of theories *had* successfully bridged this gap, we
would not be having this discussion now.

That is simply my observation of what is going on here, yours may be

>Gatherer did not propose any experiments in his paper. I did propose
>experiments in my paper.

I have asked you once already to site these references. I am asking again,
if you please, can you direct me to them?

>If you want to run in a race for empirical corroboration of your views,

The only race I am interested in is one for empirical corroboration.
But perhaps that is not a race you have interest in. I'm sorry.

>that is fine. Indeed, it might be a better use of your efforts than trying
>to present yourself as some kind of race judge.

Again, please do not misrepresent me, Aaron. It is bad form and ironically
hypocritical coming from you at this time.

-Tim Rhodes

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