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Subject: The Social Wheel
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 1998 14:13:01 PDT

> It seems to me your trying to discuss the
validity of something on
> the 40th floor while I'm attempting to point out
your lack of an
> adequate foundation. How can I travel to the
40th floor when I have no
> hope or trust in the foundation? Let's start
from the very begining (sic) and
> try to keep our discussion simple and based upon
reasonable evidance (sic).
> Before you chose to make an assumption based on
no evidance lets look
> and see what evidence is out there and what that
evidance points toward. (from MindRec)

The cosmology which can be understood in terms of
social forces comes after those which represent
the increasingly chaotic arrangements of medicine,
object permanence, possessions, self,
specialization, and finally freedom. So, a firm
foundation in these others is required to theorize
the revelation of the "Social Wheel" (either that,
or we must regress-- or otherwise descend to these
levels to supply the complexity needed to discuss
this logic).

On the other hand, the "examples" provided by the
"states" of this wheel are more obvious to many;
thus, we might discuss those *states* as
*examples* of the "masculine" and "feminine"
"tendencies" of these cosmologies-- only we will
thereby retroactively suggest that these
previously established necessities might have
occurred through "order" or "chance"... according
to a pre-logical "freedom" that this might come to

Still, the *states* (of the "Social Wheel") are
exemplified by "school", "war", "property" and
"community". The *masculine* and *feminine*
*tendencies* are, respectively, the "physical" and
"emotional" (as these describe *The Social
Wheel*). *Physical* applies to *war* and
*property*, as *emotional* applies to *community*
and *school*. This balances the *chance*
"characteristic" of "technology" with the
*ordered* "trait" of "tools" to the "chaotic"
balancing of energies referred to as "society" (in
a way that the *technology* of health might
overcome social *chaos* to become the *tools* of
language or history).

Regressing, then, we retroactively suggest that
school, war, property, and community-- according
to *freedom*-- might transcend in a way that
applies their chance occurrence to a
crystallization and overcomes purely "chaotic
change", or "error", to establish the order
suggested by the more complex "Social Wheel
Metaphysic"... and in a way that it might be said
that one can apply "will" (or "direction") within
this crystallization to overcome the error in line
with the desire that these states be established
according to a "Social Wheel Cosmology"*

*THE SOCIAL WHEEL COSMOLOGY can be maintained as
such outside of the *Social Wheel Metaphysic* such
that it might also be said to be *willed* in a way
that is post-logical; that is, it can be
maintained outside of the *metaphysic* which
logically describes the states of community,
property, war, and school as these define how
masculine and feminine tendencies become ordered
toward a physical and emotional incarnation of
that which is socially focused to the
manifestation of a technology of tool production.

B. Lane Robertson

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