Medicine Wheel (corrections)

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Wed, 09 Sep 1998 12:56:23 PDT

From: "B. Lane Robertson" <>
Subject: Medicine Wheel (corrections)
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 1998 12:56:23 PDT

A couple of corrections to the previous post:

[Speaking of...]

The single "cosmology" (represented in an earlier
post) which begins with the characteristic of
chance and balances to freedom in a way that
renames chance as order (and which has a natural
development tending toward order on infinite
levels of ascension, or DECREASED complexity)...

[I should have said "INCREASED" complexity, in
line with...]

The medicine wheel (similarly) suggests that a
changing INCREASE in complexity and order should
result in development...

[As well...]

But, that the COSMOLOGY develops also suggests
that it can regress...

[should read "that the METAPHYSIC develops...";

(balancing the cosmology according to the

[I hope these changes make the post more

B. Lane Robertson

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