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Subject: Medicine Wheel
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 1998 11:39:44 PDT

> Unknowable in a logical sense doesn't always
mean unknowable in an
> abstract intuitive/feeling sense. Again your
reliance on logic blinds
> you to what can exist beyond logic.
(from MindRec)

The single "cosmology" (represented in an earlier
post) which begins with the characteristic of
chance and balances to freedom in a way that
renames chance as order (and which has a natural
development tending toward order on infinite
levels of ascension, or decreased complexity)--
along with the post on growth and development*,
brings to mind the "Medicine wheel"... *medicine*
referring to the central "chaotic behavior",
similar to the *chaos* suggested by *error* or
"change" [*change* being chance which is
developmental] and the *behavior* suggested by
freedom: *Wheel* relates to *cosmology*.

The medicine wheel (similarly) suggests that a
changing increase in complexity and order should
result in development. But, that the cosmology
develops also suggests that it can regress. So,
the change represented by "medicine"-- if not
progressive-- results in a regression to that
which is more chaotic (less structured) such that
one might restore an order to the chaos in line
with the complexity (balancing the cosmology
according to the metaphysic, by regressing to a
lower level ordering from the one represented by
MEDICINE [which ideally refers to "health"] to the
one of "chance- to- order" [called "freedom"].

"Abstraction" (as "MindRec" points out... and
which is another word for freedom) is a process
which can-- without higher ordered "logic"--
restore the balance of "mind", "body", "matter",
and "spirit" ("the traits of the medicine wheel").
But it also suggests regression and lack of
health. WITHIN the medicine wheel, this
abstraction between the four traits is displayed
as "emotion". (As an aside: On the next level,
it is exhibited as social dependency). Thus, the
"intuitive/ feeling" sense (as *emotion*) exists
on a lower level of order (or "logic"); BUT, it is
not un-available for higher level processing.

*it suggested that "change" which does not balance
increasing complexity with equally increasing
order results in "error"-- and herein, suggests
that "freedom" in the one cosmology might have
something in common with error in the "other"--
though I have yet to describe this *other*...

**to the extent that an increase in freedom allows
chance to become ordered

B. Lane Robertson

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