New links and 'on-line papers' list at JoM-EMIT

Bruce Edmonds (
Wed, 09 Sep 1998 13:56:06 +0100

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Date: Wed, 09 Sep 1998 13:56:06 +0100
From: Bruce Edmonds <>
Subject: New links and 'on-line papers' list at JoM-EMIT

Dear list members,

In an post-vacation burst of activity, I have added more links to
(non-JoM-EMIT) on-line papers, including all the papers that are on-line
from the Memetics Symposium. I have also added some more links to the
"links" page.

The list of (non-JoM-EMIT) 'on-line' papers is at:

and the list of relevant memetics links is at:


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