The Physics of a Meme: Metaphysics of Existence

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Subject: The Physics of a Meme: Metaphysics of Existence
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 22:26:58 PDT

The basic metaphysic (linear model) of
manifestation is: Chance, order, life, god (or
self), safety, tribe, technology, tools, history,
the ideal, the idea, mass-production,
mechanization, and the "unique".

Chance, as a divided energy, is characterized by a
masculine/ feminine pairing (in a way that the
characteristics referred to by the model might
come to relate to what can be confirmed
physically. This method also facilitates the
attribution of examples to the representation
according to qualities which might, in a broad
manner, be considered masculine and feminine).

Four manifest "states" are proposed in order to
form a 4 point balance to the divided aspect of
the "system" (thus, the *system* theorized can be
said to represent the direction of the divided
energies and balanced forces in the form of
physical states). Of the 4, two complimentary
states are feminine and two complimentary states
are masculine.

Each corresponding "pair" of states-- a *pair*
consisting of one masculine and one feminine
state-- have a cooperative arrangement (between
the pairs, the complimentary arrangement of each
divided half prevails). The 4 points therefore
resolve complimentary and cooperative forces from
a divided cosmology representing "chance" to a
circular one representing freedom (on the first
"level" of development). "Freedom" is the central
"sum" (of chance and order) and refers to the
"chaotic" behavior which allows this "replication"
of chance TO order (*chaotic*, the energy radiates
in all directions equally)

The metaphysic implies that there must not only be
chance but also order. This ordering (according
to the characteristics of the cosmology) must
begin with a characteristic (chance), balance
convergent forces to chaos, and overcome chaos in
a way which renames chance as order-- and which
establishes this (thereby *natural*) ordering of
the system as a re-configuration of the the
original cosmology but on a higher level of

The "sum" of the chaotic resolution of each
cosmology shows a developmental incarnation of the
original progression from chance to order in
*levels* such that the original characteristic
("chance") and the replicate trait ("order") can
be said to *ascend* (or evolve) according to a
"law of replication" (the resolution of a
cosmology incarnates an original characteristic as
a chaotic behavior, and replicates it as an
ordered trait).

The metaphysic continues this potential ordering
infinitely in decreasing energy "spirals"--
circular, as suggested by chance, but also linear
as suggested by order; thus overcoming the chaotic
energy of the system according to a *complexity*
of that which is neither incarnated through
chance, nor which is manifest through chaos; but
which might be said to be reflexively "revealed"
according to level of order and subsequently
"prophesied" (or theorized) according to level of
chance-- as traits are diffused from the higher
levels (those pre-determined according to the
mechanisms of this metaphysic) DOWNWARD through
levels of increasingly complex states to a
physical level of *certainty* (or non-chaotic

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B. Lane Robertson

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