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Mon, 07 Sep 1998 19:23:59 -0400

Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 19:23:59 -0400
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Subject: Re: The Crystalline Structure of Memetics

Funny that someone (even one "trolling") should mention crystalline
forms, etc., as I was thinking about much of the talk on whether "neural
structures" (as opposed to overt behavior) are of any significance, etc.,
and wandered off on thinking about how a crystal in solution of a degree
of saturation is growing continuously, evenly in every direction whereas,
when a portion is broken off, it ceases growth of the fashion it was
doing and commences repairing the crystalline structure. Methodically,
the structure slowly builds back the missing parts and, when it has
assumed again the total shape it had originally, it commences to grow
again equally.

Now, we can all handle this selective repair of the body of the crystal
and the resumption of its growth after it has repaired its damages (sans
any apparent "conscious control"), but the concept of a structured
relationship of synaptical connections where portions are accessed or
brought into consciousness and the resulting "shape" sparks activity that
was "different" and not previously present is difficult to conceive.

The "tensions" of the crystalline structure and its subsequent asymmetric
disruption can, for all intents and purposes, satisfy others as to why
the "fields" of the structure (inherrent in its atomistic or molecular
design) would result in the deposition of ions or molecules of its
compound matter from the solute onto the broken margins until those
tensions have subsided and subsequent growth can then take place at a
deliberate pace in all directions, maintaining the balance of the forces
that are "satisfied" through the shape of the crystal reflecting the
structure of its building blocks, etc.

Yet, the balance of forces attributable to a neural synaptical structure
cannot be conceived of as affecting the selection, triggering and
strength of neurotransmitters and subsequent hormonal emissions in order
to achieve another balance in the conscious (or "excited") state. In
order to effect this " balance of tensions" (membrane ionic balance, pH,
blood and serum electrolytes, etc., etc.) the totality of the system
achieves a balance (or a new imbalance) through an adjustment of
affective/effective mechanisms (similar to homeostasis) and the resultant
is "behavior."

Now, the fact that all of these prior actions were necessary to effect
the "behavior" can be easily "overlooked' or, rather, are extremely
difficult to even calculate as to their potentiation, "shape," etc., and
may make or encourage one to concentrate ones attention on the subsequent
"behavior" rather than on the preceding "behavior" which we shall call
"effectors," in all their glory and mechanistic certainty, but it still
remains that the initial steps in the casual sequences were 1), the
acquiring of the original neural structure (here referring to distinct
"charge" relationships of its components), 2) the subsequent accessing
of that structure, i.e., bringing it to a "level of consciousness"
(bringing into an area of cache or "state of accessibility" on a
distinctively different neural level), 3) the accessed shape resulting
in the tension state, and 4) the relief or balancing of these tensions by
the biochemical stimulation of "behavior."

Now, would someone explain to me why the observer (if keen enough to see
beyond the overt behavior) would want to concentrate entirely on the over
behavior rather than on the interactive forces of those neural structures
which dictated the activity, the memes?

So, stimulated by a little external "trolling," please pardon me in
wandering off into a reverie of trolling by myself and surmising about
the mechanisms of the memetic structures and their actions....

Perhaps I should also include a friendly nudge of the elbow or even
little ascii characters? :>)



B. Lane Robertson wrote:

> Existence has being (action). Small letter
> "b"eing shows "Being" (a continuance of action
> which is contained in existence according to the
> standard of totality). "Will" uses the energy
> available in Being ("individual power"?) to begin
> with being (action) and to circularly negate
> existence (which might otherwise show the error of
> this application of action as it would otherwise
> apply the object characteristics of existence in a
> "true"* linear fashion (though probably as a
> direct effect of the complexification of this
> existence). The "amorphous" application of the
> resulting crystalline substance applies to such
> transformations as "beauty"

Snip the "trolling

Bob Grimes Jacksonville, Florida

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