The Crystalline Structure of Memetics

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Mon, 07 Sep 1998 14:43:59 PDT

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Subject: The Crystalline Structure of Memetics
Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 14:43:59 PDT

Existence has being (action). Small letter
"b"eing shows "Being" (a continuance of action
which is contained in existence according to the
standard of totality). "Will" uses the energy
available in Being ("individual power"?) to begin
with being (action) and to circularly negate
existence (which might otherwise show the error of
this application of action as it would otherwise
apply the object characteristics of existence in a
"true"* linear fashion (though probably as a
direct effect of the complexification of this
existence). The "amorphous" application of the
resulting crystalline substance applies to such
transformations as "beauty" (which exhibits
a-temporal "effects" within spacial forms as a
simultaneous resonance of these forms to the
actual effects of this energy at higher levels of

*"Truth" (the necessary order which emerges from
the complexification of existence) comes to be
circularly established not according to what is
necessary (or ideal)-- but ACCORDING to the
circular effect of this ordering-- the "ordering"
being a linear action whose consequences create "a
wave pattern within what is otherwise complex".
This *chaos* thus comes to be stabilized in a way
that would make it available to acting in line
with the necessary ordering, but in a way which is
*crystallized* according to the balanced wave
configuration produced.

The continuance of this ordering-- which borrows
from what is temporal (linear) and assigns this to
what is spacial, or circular, (through a wave
reduction from a particular dimensional
representation to another, more complex
representation) occurs in a way which hides (or
*conducts*) the true action of being within the
crystallized form of Being (within the object
existence)... in a type of phenomenology which can
thus be said to either energize the complexity of
objective existence in a chaotic way... or to
crystallize energy so that it is balanced to a
"neutral" existent [objective] nature).

B. Lane Robertson

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