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Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 12:53:40 +0800
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At 02:13 PM 9/5/98 -0700, Tim Rhodes wrote:

>I had to pass this whole passage on to friend of mine who is an engineer
>with the FAA. Although _she_ does spend some time in planes doing testing
>(she's working on the 777 certification right now), 90% of her work is done
>in one of those "air-conditioned offices" (ACOs) you speak so highly of.
>When she worked for Boeing a couple of years ago all her time, like the time
>of most every other engineer, was spent in the ACO, away from all that "heat
>and dust".
>She and her husband had a child recently. He chose to quit his job in I.S.
>(another ACO job, and a dime-a-dozen in this town) and stay home to raise
>the child while she returned to her job after her maternity leave. (In the
>U.S. it is now illegal not to allow either a mother _or father_ to return to
>their same job ofter taking a brief maternity or paternity leave, BTW.)
>Needless to say, she found you comments quite amusing. In fact, "laughable"
>was the word she used, I think.

I find that the exceptions who have gotten to where they're at by relying on
special privileges, affirmative action, harassment legislation, chivalry,
etc and who then generalise their cosy, comfy situation by claiming that
*all* ________ (name your own special-interest, victim group) are just as
capable as ________ (name your most unpopular oppressor group), to be
laughable in the extreme. (And yes, I know that pampered exceptions have
become less exceptional courtesy of feminism - though no less pampered)

However, anyone (male or female) who has achieved great things on their own
merits rightly deserves our admiration.

To which category does your friend belong? If it were the second, I don't
think she'd be laughing.

Stephen Springette

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