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Date: Fri, 04 Sep 1998 22:08:02 -0700
Subject: seduction

I find it curious that the idea of seduction itself has not yet been
hoisted to its more important levels of abstraction. Besides our
run-of-the-mill seduction deployed for simple and personal pleasures,
there is the seduction of consumers. For example, recent discussion
features those lured by implied or explicit promises of enhanced sexual
prowess. Another arena in which the same seductive process operates is
in the persuasion of voters and workers.

The fundamental process is the same at all of these levels of
abstraction. Seduction is the effective persuasion of an "other" to
forfeit something of immediate value to the seducer. In exchange is the
promise of a benefit with value to the seduced. It is basically a
process of trickery involving two parties convinced that they will reap
the superior reward and incur the smallest cost.

Processes of seduction are central to memetics and modern technologies
of human control. They connect to the evolved desire structures of our
species. They are also involved in the cognitive processes of
individuals during the diffusion of innovations. The point I wanted to
make here is that there is more to the idea than just working the

In fact, seduction is so big, it seems silly to get hung up on the
"cruising bachelor(ette)" scenario. This is just the smallest tip of an


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