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Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 20:11:17 -0700
Subject: A suggestion

I have been reading the messages on this list for quite a while, trying
to get the drift. So far, I have observed many words being exchanged,
but I have trouble understanding many of them. I also have trouble
following the train of thought. I know that part of it comes from my
being a newcomer to the field, so I have not read a lot on the subject.

However, I can learn quickly, and I can follow along with someone's
message....IF that message makes sense! I frequently think I have
followed a message, and when others respond, I learn that I didn't get

One example: the thread related to "feminism." Without defining terms,
several people wrote as if everyone means the same thing when they use
the word. I was pleased to read Eva-Lise Carlstrom's careful message
giving her position. I understood her message!

My suggestion, finally, amounts to this: A careful application of the
rules of General Semantics and the rules of dialogue (following David
Bohm) would really help me. Discussions without these tools usually
prove useless.

Edryce Reynolds

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