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Date: Thu, 3 Sep 98 08:54:12 -0600
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>Why is it that meme structures must necesarily be neural structures?
>Dawkins observed that some memes attract and some repel thus bringing
>structure. Artists, musicians and even writers will, at times, in fits of
>creativity, behave as tho their fingers, etc. had minds of their own -
>creatively producing without conscious thought. It's as tho some outside
>force is moving the process.


The fingers of artists, musicians and writers are well endowed with
neural tissue. How much neural processing goes on in the fingers
compared to the brain is a subject of study, but clearly local processing
is going on throughout the body.

Some might say that the neural processing in the fingers is largely
'instictive' and not something that can be trained (memetic). Most
artists would probably disagree.


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