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Thu, 3 Sep 1998 08:47:14 +0200

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Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 08:47:14 +0200
Subject: symposium plans

Dear all,

for all of you who have been on the symposium, w plan to do four
things at least:

- to make a faq
- to make a plan of actions and goals
- to plan for a future symposium.
- to publish some of the talks in JOM

Paul has already put forward the list we had of actions and goals. I
will get on with that list and make it more systematic. Then i will
get back to the list on it.

To make a faq it was proposed that different people come up with a
list of questions that we can then merge. i would like to propose
that all that want to make a list of questions do so and post on this
list after the next weekend. We can then discuss theanswers also.
People are ancouraged to also givethe answers but need not!
Those with the right questions often do not know the answers.
Those with the answers often haveforgotten the right questions.

I think that a plan for a next symposium is something we can
discuss after I get the list of plans ready next week,

The publication of papers in JOM has not yet been planned but I
will postseperately on that. Needless to say tha not all but
certainly some papers should be published or rather submitted.
There were some very good thuoghts in those talks that we should
not let go into oblivion.

hope to see your lists of questions soon!



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